Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why Have a Book Fair?

The fall book fair started yesterday, and I'm questioning why I REALLY do a book fair.
I'm not a big fan of book fairs. Basically, I'm raising money for the book fair company, right?
Yeah, yeah, I'm getting books into the hands of students, but they could have checked those out from us FOR FREE!
Oh, yeah, we're making a profit that can be used to purchase more books for our library or other incentives like bookmarks, posters, etc.
Right! I should probably be advocating for a better book budget from my administrator if I'm using book fair money as my sole funds for my budget. I'm not, thank goodness!
I'm just saying, for all the work to setup the book fair, get volunteers, have classes come through the media center, pack it up and complete the paperwork, is it really worth it?

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Linda Dextre' said...

I have often wondered that myself. The kids do really look forward to the event as a reprieve. I try to make the family night a literacy event in some way to attract parents and students in learning together.