Sunday, July 12, 2009

Going Paperless

It's strange to say that a librarian is going paperless, but I'm trying to get rid of some of the endless sheets that have filled my calendar or my schedule books in the past.

I've got my entire life, both personal and professional, input into a Google calendar now. I'm using the daily tasks lists as my to-do list. So far, I'm still organized and managing my affairs quite nicely.

I'm exploring ideas about how to schedule the media center in a paperless world, and there are a number of online options. Right now, I'm sticking with using a table schedule in Blackboard. It gives teachers the opportunity to see the schedule, but still gives me the control of "writing" in the schedule without their signing up without my knowledge.

A colleague suggested GenBook, the free online scheduling website. She gives teachers the options of choosing their dates and times and making their "appointments" in the media center. I'm not sure of the control of this particular site.

I've also been told that our district has a calendar / schedule program that we could possibly use. I'm waiting to hear back on this application before throwing my hands up and sticking with Blackboard.

Hopefully my efforts to go paperless will be smooth, seamless, organized. I just don't want to find us going paperless -- reading all books electronically -- any time soon.

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