Thursday, May 7, 2009

A gathering of the minds

A few years ago a group of middle school library media coordinators were brought together in a professional learning community that was aptly named LearningTeam Middle. These were a dozen library media professionals all currently serving in middle schools with various backgrounds and numbers of years in education.

Our purpose was to have a gathering of the minds, to share program ideas and issues, to look at our data (whether that be our circulation statistics, our school's end-of-grade reading scores, or district data), to look at trends in our field. Our goal was to come together as professionals to discuss library media issues in order to ultimately impact student achievement at our individual schools across our district.

The PLC has evolved into our current group (some original members have moved on, retirement, children) - a group of nine dedicated middle school library media coordinators, working to make a difference.

We hope you enjoy our professional conversation!

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